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Our total coverage package. From virus protection to daily backups we have you covered. Have an issue? Our experts can dial in remotely to investigate, document, resolve the issue and apply preventative maintenance so that other users do not experience the same. System and server updates are all handled remotely and without required intervention allowing users to continue their day knowing that they are on the latest version and without the fear of an unexpected Windows Update.


Have you ever been desperately looking for a file only to find that it has gone missing? Have you or someone you know had a system fail taking precious memories with them? Perhaps you’ve fallen victim to ransomware, having your files locked away from you with the threat of throwing away the key? Last year it was estimated that ransomware caused over $5 billion dollars worth of damage to businesses globally and is estimated to continue to over $11.9 billion by the end of 2019. Without good backups, businesses are unfortunately finding themselves part of the statistic.

Luckily, Metric IT offers just that. A great backup and recovery solution. With our Veeam powered backups, never again worry about missing or damaged files, daily backups with retention periods of up to a year in some cases allow us to always have your back.



We’ve talked a lot about what we can do should you get infected, but what about preventing it? Metric IT offers award-winning backup solutions from ITBrain. This interruption-free solution offers great protection without sacrificing system performance. Receiving┬áthe Virus Bulletin 100 award three years in a row, ITBrain is recognized as one of today’s best anti-malware options.


We promise to ensure our solutions always receive support. Should something stop being updated, we’ll do the heavy lifting to have it changed.