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Metric IT is a quickly growing Information technology company focused on tailor-made solutions for our clients. No tiered packages walling you off from the service you need, just fast, dependable support at a fair price.

We do things a little bit differently around here, how many times has a bad interaction or long wait on hold soured your experience with a service provider? Whether it’s your internet service provider, telephone company or even another IT provider, everyone seems to want to make you wait.

At Metric IT, we don’t believe in waiting on hold. You call, we answer. That’s the relationship, that’s the expectation.  Need something done? Your time is our priority. We aim for a painless experience with a lasting impression.

We’d like to think so, give us a call or send us an email on our contact page to get started, one of our experts and account managers will schedule a meeting with you and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Want us to store your data offsite? No problem! All client data is separated, encrypted, and stored off-site in our secure facility. We can also ensure that your data does not leave the country and will always be safe from prying eyes.

Not always. Often new clients express their concern that a new IT firm is going to want them to replace their existing infrastructure for a quick sale, this is not the case with Metric IT. We will work with what you have and will make honest recommendations about hardware replacement and service moving forward.


We offer support for all levels of IT, need advice? Total system meltdown? Can’t decide which laptop to buy? Stress less with our proven service.


Available when you need us.

Always There For You

Just a call away, flexible hours and client focus.

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Services from award winning experts.

Taking Care of Business

All your IT under one roof, one number, great service.

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Proven defense.

Safe and Sound

Cuious about the security of your data? Have our security experts audit your environment.

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IT historically has been a headache, system outages, high-cost repairs, extensive downtime and poor relationships. It makes sense to change that. Our goal is and will always continue to be to provide exceptional service. Our solutions set a foundation for growth, looking at IT as an opportunity and not a burden. People taking advantage of powerful tools make hard jobs and reoccurring frustrations disappear.